AI Income Affiliates

AI Income Affiliates Program

100% Commission

AI Income Affiliates Program

Get 100% Commission of a buyer's initial purchase.

All payments are made in YUSD.

You must have a crypto wallet and YUSD Coin added to your wallet.

AI Income Landing Page

Use this page or the main AI Income page to test your conversion rates.

Feel free to create your own Landing Page.

We will give you 105% for every buyer you convert from a page you created.

AI Income Main Page

AI Income Landing Page

AI Income Sales Agreement

The AI Income Sales Agreement governs all sales of AI Income within the United States.

This Agreement specifies the terms of sale and purchase of AI Income, conditions and the Operating Agreement by which AI Income stands in respect to each buyer.

The Sales Agreement makes it legal for AI Income to be sold within the United States.

This is an important document that Affiliates may wish to familiarize themselves with, and that Affiliates are required to link to whenever a sale is made to a buyer whether during the sale or in a "Thank you for your purchase" email or text to the buyer.

You may access the AI Income Sales Agreement here.

Demo Accounts

AI Income offers users the option to create a Demo Account.

Demo Accounts function the same as real accounts and payouts are exactly the same as if the account were a real account.

But payouts do not pass to a Users Demo account.

You may find Demo Accounts here.

Example Account

The Example Account is an account that provides a visual demonstration of how a buyer's Member Account may appear.

Review the Example Account here.


Testimonials will become available as they are received.

Copyright Infringement

You cannot bid on the terms "AI Income," "Passive Income Powered by AI," or "AI Income: Passive Income Powered by AI," or similar terms.

You may use the aforementioned terms in articles, blog posts, videos and similar uses only when these terms are linked to an AI Income page or pages on this website.


AI Income offers a "No-Loss" Guarantee.

Please review this policy at the link above.


We offer a 100% Refund Policy.

Please review the Refund Policy at the link above.

Affiliates may be held accountable for any refunds requested by any buyers they have referred.


There are a number of articles and blog posts.

Articles Link

You may use all of these or any portion of any of these as you choose.

Articles and blog posts are being created daily.

Please check back frequently for recently added material.


There are several videos.

Videos Link

Videos are being created daily.

Please check back frequently for recently added material.

Informational Pages

There are several pages that explain more about what AI Income is, how it works and provide some background data.

These pages are not maintained but are good to use for reference material.

Use the information contained on these pages as you see fit.