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If you've already requested a Demo Account, scroll down to locate your User Name. If it's not there yet, please check back in a few hours.

Open a Demo Account.

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Tell us the Amount of ETH You want to place into your Demo Account.

Then come back to this page and click on your User Name below to review how much money you would have made if you had opened a real account with the amount of money you specified.

The AI bot will run just as if it had real money in the account.

The Earnings in the Demo Account will be the actual Earnings you could have received, if you had put the amount of money you stated into a Real Account.

Click on your User Name below to go to Your Demo Account page.

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For DEmo Accounts, the AI bot will run just as if it had "real money." It creates a token on the blockchain and trades with it and executes smart contracts just as if it was real money. The token itself has no real value, but it's worth is represented in the amount of your deposit. 

At the completion of its trading cycle, all the tokens under its control are sent to a null account. There they are "gone," unable to be retrieved by anyone.

If this had been a real account, the AI bot would be using the tokens/coins you sent it to trade and run the smart contracts. All the profits it generates will have been sent to your account - not to a null account.