AI Income Updates

June 1, 2023 - Analysis/Updates

The ultimate objective of AI Income is to provide true passive income great enough to sustain a wealthy lifestyle for those who have initially deposited enough money to generate the returns that will meet that lifestyle.

But deposits of any amount will produce a steady and positive cash flow.

As account holders experience the cash flow into their wallets, they may wish to use some of that to increase their deposit on AI Income thereby generating even greater cash flow.

AI Income is designed to be a true "Set and Forget" system, not only for the users but also for the operators behind AI Income. Once the system is fully operational, everything should be happening automatically with only light monitoring required from the AI Income team.

The goal of AI Income is that, as an AI bot, it will seek out arbitrage opportunities on the blockchain.

 Coin prices on one decentralized exchange (Dex) may differ somewhat from the price of the same coin on another Dex. 

The bot will engage the smart contracts behind the coin and the Dex's, buy the coin on one Dex and sell it on the Dex where the coin is selling at a high price. The profits are then swept into the customer's account. 

It also seeks out Flash Loan opportunities.

A Flash Loan is when a deposit is made on a Flash Loan Dapp (Decentralized application) usually hosted by a Dex, and up to 10x the amount of the deposit is borrowed in a coin from the Dex to either sell on another exchange, or to swap for a coin that the bot identifies has more lucrative positioning. 

The bot will then conclude the trade, return the borrowed funds and sweep the profits into the customer's account. But it all has to completed in one transaction according to how the blockchain is set up. 

I can't take credit for any of this. I heard about it and asked ChatGPT to write the code for me.

The current state of AI income is that the team is fully engaged in operations. An algorithm is used to generate returns for the Demo Accounts which we believe would be analogous to those received in a "real account." At this stage, if distributions were "real," they would be drawn from YUSD Global Exchange's YUSD Reserves.

AI Income is ready to operate "real" accounts now.

"Holy Grail"

Holy Grail is a smart contract on the blockchain that we expect will generate consistent, but probably modest returns. Holy Grail will operate constantly 24/7, seeking opportunities to generate cash flow, regardless of how meager that cash flow may be, as long as it receives a positive return.

We call it "Holy Grail" for several reasons: 1. the name sounds cool,  2. we project that Holy Grail will be our true workhorse pulling returns out of the blockchain 24/7, 3. "Holy Grail" is a "stage name," we use because if anyone knew the real name of this contract, they could find it on the blockchain and duplicate it, thus diluting our returns.

AI Income has an obligation to all our clients to provide the best returns possible by combining powerful AI bots with smart contracts to generate lucrative income for each and every account holder.

In addition, we have a set of smart contracts that will seek out various forms of arbitrage opportunities on several networks and engage these opportunities to put money directly into the wallets of account holders.

Therefore our smart contracts are proprietary intellectual property, which, although they may possibly be discovered, we hold close and do not reveal.

All these systems, and more, will be fully integrated and operational when the coders and Team have completed all the steps necessary to let AI Income go live. All we need is just 1 ETH for AI Income to be fully operational, functioning totally "hands-off," and just 0.18 ETH to initiate operations now while the Team continues to conduct a large amount of the work.

May 31, 2023 - Analysis/Updates

The advent of real people using Demo Accounts was revealing.

We quickly realized that our algorithm needed modification.

This was because if too many people created real accounts our reserves of YUSD - which we use for Payouts - would rapidly deplete.

So we adjusted the algorithm to reflect this.


We have been posting Payouts manually. This is to ensure against errors and mistakes the new AI - which remains in a learning stage - may make.

So far, we have caught one minor error and were able to fix it.

We also post manually to monitor bandwidth usage.

When we are satisfied everything is working as it should And the AI is operating efficiently without error, all systems will be integrated and postings and updates will happen automatically.

Free AI Income Account

We are pleased with how well the bot is performing and we wanted to open the system up to a wider audience.

To do this, we created a way to join AI Income for free.

You can go to the Join AI Income Free page and follow the steps to do this.

No Loss Guarantee

YUSD Global Exchange is now offering a "No-Loss Guarantee."

YUSD Global Exchange will reimburse all Live Account holders for any losses their account may experience.

May 30, 2023 - Analysis/Update

We initially started out using AI Income bot following copytrading and robotrading on the brokerages, in addition to engaging smart contracts on the blockchain for Flash Loans.

On paper, and during initial testing, the copytrading and robotrading functions worked effectively and produced income we were happy with.

The Flash Loans also performed admirably and did so well in fact, that we briefly considered using only Flash Loans to fund accounts.

We set this aside however and continued with our original presumption to use copytrading and robotrading together with Flash Loans to fund accounts.

As people began signing up for Demo Accounts we quickly realized that the copytrading and robotrading functions were failing miserably while the Flash Loan feature was exceeding all expectations.

Copytrading and robotrading required too great of a deposit in brokerage accounts to open accounts with them, using money that could have been allocated to the more profitable Flash Loans.

Also, copytrading and robotrading incurred losses.

These losses had to be repaid to the accounts simply to break even. 

Funds to reimburse accounts were withdrawn from YUSD Global Exchange's YUSD reserves to cover these losses.

This was not satisfactory and we have now dropped the copytrading and robotrading functions immediately and permanently.

The difference in account returns/income has been significant.

We are now using the Flash Loans algorithm to fund accounts together with the analogous "Holy Grail" smart contract that searches out arbitrage opportunities between smart contracts, engages these contracts and remits profits to the customer's account.

 We are pleased with the results.