AI Income

Passive Income Powered by AI

AI Income - Earn $100 to $1,000 a Day with No Work - Let Our AI bot Do All the Work for You - Automatically - While it Puts Money Into Your Account 

Make Money While You Sleep

HOW DOES THIS WORK? All you need to do is open an account, deposit the minimum amount, and let the AI bot work - putting money into your account. Nothing could be simpler! 

When you are thoroughly satisfied the system works, deposit more into your account. Income is based on the amount you put in. The bigger your deposit - the greater your income.

Your Real account cannot be accessed by others. 

Only you have access to your actual account.

AI is a revolutionary New technology that is changing the world. From creating high-quality art that sells for thousands of dollars and writing code or writing sales copy or just a funny story, to answering questions, generating NFTs and executing trading strategies across stock, day trading and commodities brokerages, AI is changing the lives of those who get in on the ground floor NOW! 

Don't Get left Behind! 

AI is moving ahead with you or without you and millions of people have already jumped aboard. 

Many of these people are replacing their 9 to 5 jobs and their paltry pay for Less Work and More Money. 

AI does the work for them. 

Some people have become Millionaires: One 14 year old young woman used AI to create meme art and made over $400,000 - in just a few weeks! 

Another AI adopter let AI create a trading strategy and he is now up over $1,000,000. 

Shouldn't the next AI Millionaire be you? 

While we can't guarantee you will make a million dollars, we can guarantee You Will Make Something! 

And probably Much More than you put in. 

How Do I Start? 

To Start - It's easy to start. Just Register using the Join Now button below. 

Then create your account. - Just complete the form you are taken to. 

Add YUSD Coin, Contract Number 0x44d13160094b45f39b712843d887939027513129 to your Metamask or other Ethereum wallet 

Fund your account by adding any amount of ETH (Ethereum) you choose. (0.18 ETH minimum)

Then sit back and wait for the money to begin to flow into your account. 

No withdrawal or fees required. Your profits are automatically deposited to your wallet. 

If you create an Account page, you will be able to review your Distributions And Receive Notifications whenever you receive a payout. Just click on the Join Now button and follow the instructions on how to create an account page. See the Example Account Here

When Can I Expect My First Payment? 

Most payments begin in just a few hours. 

But payments will fluctuate in both amount and in payout times because of market volatility and conditions on the internet. 

Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your first payout.

If you do not receive your first payout within 24 hours, please contact us at:

Is My Income Guaranteed? 

While nothing in life is guaranteed, AI Income comes pretty close. 90% of users report receiving their first payouts in a few hours while some have experienced up to a 14 hour wait before getting a payout. 

What is the size of the typical payout? 

Payouts usually represent a percentage of the amount you funded your account with. 

Amounts can vary from 5% to over 2x for Every Payout. 

How often are payouts? 

You can expect from 1 to 5 or more payouts every day. 

No person will get the same as the other. How much you get is dependent upon the amount you funded your account with and what engagements and trading the AI bot completes on your behalf. 

Each account receives its own AI bot, no two are the same. But each AI bot learns from the others. The more accounts, the faster the learning - and the more money you could make.  

How much can I actually make with AI Income?

Most users report receiving at least their deposit back - Within 2 to 4 Weeks!

If you put in $1,000, you should get back at least $1,000 - Every Month! For as long as you keep your account open.

This money is immediately sent to your wallet. 

You receive it right away.

Should you ever decide to close your account or request a refund, then we send the Entire amount of your deposit back to you as well.

While we can't guarantee you will do as well, we can guarantee you won't lose a dime, Ever!

Our Guarantee assures that if you should ever experience a loss, YUSD Global Exchange will automatically and immediately reimburse you for 100% of your loss.

What process does AI Income use to create passive income?

AI Income produces passive income through the operation of a set of interacting smart contracts on the blockchain.

The lead smart contract "Holy Grail" continuously monitors the state of the blockchain.

When it finds a market inefficiency or flash loan opportunity that it assesses will create more profit than will be spent in transaction and gas fees, Holy Grail will direct the subordinate smart contracts to initiate a series of trades that will generate profits.

At the conclusion of these trades, the users deposit (which was leveraged to execute the trades) and the profits received are immediately remitted to the user's wallet.

If, at any point in time before the conclusion of a trade, Holy Grail determines that a trade may generate a negative return, Holy Grail will revert the trade, preventing any losses from occuring.

For questions, please contact us on Telegram at YUSDscoin

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