YUSD Global Exchange

YUSD Coin (Your Universal Standard Depository Coin) is a coin developed to meet the needs of a changing marketplace in the world of rapidly evolving economic and technological conditions.

YUSD Mastercard/Visa Program Coming Soon


1. ATMs: YUSD Coin is committed to establishing a global network of ATMs.

2. Lending and Grants

3. Integration with Online Games

4. Raffle and Prize Offerings

5. Global ATM Network

6. Banking as a Service (BaaS)

7. Sci-Fi MMORPG Integration

8. International Lottery

9. Earn Daily: YUSD Coin will introduce an "Earn Daily" feature that allows users to earn YUSD by completing simple online tasks.

10. Visa and Mastercard Credit and Debit Cards

11. Medium Term Note Programme for Institutional Investors

12. Non-Profit Engagement

YUSD Grants Program

Apply to the YUSD Grants Program

The YUSD Grants Program empowers independent builders and contributors with resources to experiment. Providing both funding and feedback, the Grants team cultivates talent that enriches the YUSD ecosystem experience and sets YUSD Global Exchange on a path to sustainable community-driven growth.