AI Income Business Model

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the generation of returns and the business model of AI Income.

AI Income operates by utilizing advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to identify and exploit arbitrage opportunities on the blockchain. Although AI Income currently exists almost solely on my computer, the algorithms employed are designed to mirror the returns expected when AI Income becomes fully operational.

Business Model

To illustrate the potential opportunities, allow me to explain the business model. AI Income's smart contracts have been coded on Remix, a platform where contracts are created and executed. Additionally, I have developed the "YUSD Global Exchange" website, which is already functional, awaiting the final integration with decentralized applications (dApps), decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and smart contracts. (ChatGPT coded the smart contracts.)

Risk Management

AI Income is built on a risk management protocol designed to protect user funds. Every smart contract executed by AI Income is carefully programmed to ensure positive returns or risk-free disengagement. If a trade executed by a smart contract does not produce positive returns, the smart contract will promptly disengage from the trade, returning all funds used in that trade to the smart contract.

This risk management protocol applies to both arbitrage trades and Flash Loans. The smart contract diligently assesses the potential return of each trade and compares it to the associated costs, such as gas fees and any other fees. If the expected return does not exceed these costs, thus failing to generate a positive return, the smart contract automatically reverts the trade to protect user funds.

This stringent risk management approach ensures that AI Income prioritizes the preservation of capital and minimizes the possibility of losses. By disengaging from trades that do not meet the predetermined profitability criteria, AI Income aims to maintain a consistently positive return profile for its users.


A fully functioning website with AI Income operating completely "hands-free" would require approximately 1 ETH to bring online. However, with a funding of 0.18 ETH, the system can still function effectively, albeit with some manual operations conducted by the AI Income Team, (currently just me).

While the 0.18 ETH funding level lacks the complete integration of the AI capabilities, the AI Income Team will still be able to execute the majority of operations manually. This interim solution allows users to experience the potential of AI Income while we work towards securing the additional funding required for full automation.


We are committed to continuously refining and enhancing the AI integration to achieve our goal of a completely hands-free operation. By securing the necessary funding, we can expedite the development process and realize the vision of AI Income as an automated system that efficiently identifies and capitalizes on blockchain arbitrage opportunities.


In summary, AI Income's business model revolves around employing AI algorithms to identify and capitalize on arbitrage opportunities on the blockchain. While a fully functioning, hands-free website requires about 1 ETH for complete AI integration, a funding level of 0.18 ETH allows for operational functionality, albeit with some manual intervention from the AI Income Team. I remain dedicated to securing the necessary funding and perfecting the integration to offer users a seamless and fully automated experience.

Should you have any further questions or require additional information, please don't hesitate to ask.