AI Income


AI Income uses a proprietary set of coding and smart contracts to generate passive income for account holders.

Customers open an account with 0.18 ETH or more to fund their account.

The AI Income AI then uses these deposited funds, scouring the blockchain for the best arbitrage and Flash Loans opportunities.

Executing on these opportunities, the AI Income bot then remits the profits received to the customer's account immediately upon the conclusion of each transaction.

The AI bot uses the "Holy Grail" smart contract to monitor the blockchain and interact with promising arbitrage opportunities. If the transaction should turn negative - losing money - Holy Grail stops the transaction before it completes and returns 100% of the funds to the customer's account.

With Flash Loans, a different set of smart contracts are utilized.

These smart contracts seek out the best Flash Loans in current time, engage them, executes the smart contract and sweeps the profits generated into the customer's account.

These procedures help mitigate against losses and seek to preserve the client's initial deposit.