Crypto Registration

YUSD Global Exchange is Extra-National and Extra-Territorial, meaning, we have no specific location nor political jurisdiction that we do not own.

Crypto Registration is for those crypto organizations which seek to provide crypto services of any type to the public.

YUSD Global Exchange adheres to the article: "The Ineluctable Modality of Securities Law: Why Fungible Crypto Assets Are Not Securities," and the official position of YUSD Global Exchange, of AI Income and our affiliated and associated organizations is that no crypto asset of any kind is a security.

Crypto assets, as can money of any form, may be used in a "security" - an investment contract or investment transaction - but, like money, cannot be, of themselves, a security: "A capital-raising transaction where a blockchain project sponsor (or other insider) sells a cryptoasset to finance development of the project likely involves an investment contract and thus a security."*1

We are providing this Registration as a Central Registry of organizations that seek public access and notification but seek to avoid governmental regulatory and legislative interference.

YUSD Global Exchange is rigorous in our opposition to money-laundering and terrorist financing as well as any illegal activity or action that puts, places or does any other person any harm or otherwise interferes with their rights.

Should you or your organization engage in any of these activities, YUSD Global Exchange and/or AI Income will:

*1 - Why Cryptoassets Are Not Securities ( 

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