YUSD GEX Business Model

YUSD Global Exchange Business Model

Business Model

The primary objective of YUSD Global Exchange is to introduce and popularize YUSD as a widely used and highly popular digital coin. YUSD is pegged 1 to 1 with the US dollar, providing stability and reliability to its users. YUSD Global Exchange functions as a platform for selling YUSD and will soon incorporate a feature for trading or swapping YUSD with various other coins.

The YUSD Global Exchange website currently offers a range of features and services, including:

1. AI Income: This feature combines the power of AI with blockchain technology, allowing users to generate passive income effortlessly. AI algorithms seek out arbitrage opportunities on the blockchain, resulting in consistent daily income for account holders.

2. Staking YUSD: Users have the opportunity to stake their YUSD and earn a monthly return of 49.5%. This provides an avenue for users to grow their YUSD holdings through staking rewards.

3. Airdrop: The platform offers airdrops, enabling users to receive YUSD tokens for free as a promotional initiative or reward.

4. Liquidity Pool: YUSD Global Exchange features a liquidity pool where users can provide liquidity by depositing their YUSD tokens and earn rewards based on their participation.

5. Be Your Own Bank: Users can lend their YUSD from the YUSD Global Exchange to borrowers and charge interest rates of their choice. This feature empowers individuals to engage in lending activities and potentially earn interest income.

6. Transactional Loans: YUSD Global Exchange provides 30-day loans in YUSD to facilitate real estate transactions, business acquisitions or expansions, and import/export activities. This loan service offers convenient access to capital for specific purposes.

7. Buy Crypto: Users have the option to purchase a variety of top-rated cryptocurrencies and tokens directly from the YUSD Global Exchange platform.

8. Earn Daily: The platform offers a microtask system where users can complete small tasks to earn daily income in YUSD.

9. Bank Assurance Program: YUSD Global Exchange provides a bank assurance program where users can deposit a fraction (10%) of their capital, and in the event of their bank closing and the loss of their funds within the bank, the platform will remit up to 100% of their capital. This feature offers additional security and peace of mind to users.

10. YUSD Small Business Grant Program: YUSD Global Exchange offers a grant program that provides financial assistance to start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. Grants ranging from 500 YUSD to 10,000 YUSD are awarded to support their growth and development.

The collateralization of YUSD is 100% backed by the US dollar. However, as the number of YUSD holders increases, the collateralization ratio also increases. Once either 1 billion holders or 1 billion YUSD sold is reached, whichever comes first, the collateralization reaches 300%. This mechanism ensures a robust backing for YUSD as its popularity grows.

In summary, YUSD Global Exchange aims to promote and popularize YUSD as a widely used digital coin. The platform offers various services, including AI Income, staking, airdrops, liquidity pool, lending, transactional loans, cryptocurrency purchases, microtask earning opportunities, bank assurance program, and small business grants. The collateralization of YUSD strengthens as the user base expands, providing stability and reliability to its holders.