Transactional Funding

Transactional Funding is short term funding for the successful closing of a real estate acquisition, business acquisition, import/export business, debt consolidation or some other financial exchange.

Transactional Funding can provide true "no-money-down" transactions for real estate or business acquisitions.

Funds provided are sent to a Title Company, Closing Agent, Law Firm, Bank, or other financial intermediary handling your transaction.

You will never take possession of these funds.

Fee for first 30 days: $5,000 USD or crypto paid to us as part of your closing costs, please budget this expense into your financial projections.

30 Day Extension: $10,000 USD or crypto - Please note this is much higher and will be added to your closing costs then remitted to us as part of the closing procedure. Ensure you have enough capital to cover this additional expense.

Minimum amount: $30,000 USD

Our loans are paid in YUSD. Ensure your party can accept crypto.

No maximum

No credit check

This is a Private Transaction Between You and Us. We do not share data with the IRS.

We send a contract to you. 

When approved by both of us, we send a contract to your Title Company, Closing Agent, Law Firm  or other.

They MUST Accept, Sign and Return the contract to us before we send funds to them.

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