YUSD Global Exchange

YUSD Coin is a stable crypto coin pegged 1:1 to the USD. Every $1 used to buy YUSD is immediately reserved as a US dollar deposit. 

1 YUSD = $1.00 USD

If the Pay Gates below are not working or if you prefer to buy anonymously, send ETH for the amount of YUSD you want to buy to: 0xFD7E940D0862A34E4632F98576BD5365529CF8F2 and send us a message on Telegram at https://t.me/YUSDscoin with the amount of your purchase and your ETH wallet address to send YUSD to

YUSD Grants Program

Apply to the YUSD Grants Program

The YUSD Grants Program empowers independent builders and contributors with resources to experiment. Providing both funding and feedback, the Grants team cultivates talent that enriches the YUSD ecosystem experience and sets YUSD Global Exchange on a path to sustainable community-driven growth.